Letter: It’s your town - so have your say


This additional public consultation on the Harrogate district local plan which includes additional sites is to be be held between July 14 and August 25.

I have been contacted by many residents in my ward this last weekend who have huge concerns about the additional sites which have been announced.

This is a time when many residents will be preoccupied in preparing for summer holidays or actually away.

However can I please urge Harrogate residents to set aside some time to visit the planning policy team exhibitions and/or view the sites online and then submit their views to Harrogate Borough Council.

Although I requested that paper comment forms were made available, I have been advised this is not possible.

However apart from the HBC online portal, I am advised that written comments can be made, addressed to Harrogate Borough Council, Local Plan Consultation, Planning and Development, Po Box 787, Harrogate, HG1 9RW.

It’s your home, its your town, its your life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your views known.

Val Rodgers

Bilton Ward Councillor