Letter: Housing - A sad decision for Starbeck

Area around Bogs Lane in Starbeck. 091029GS4c.
Area around Bogs Lane in Starbeck. 091029GS4c.

I am writing as regards to the planning being passed for the land off Kingsley Road/Bogs Lane, for Barratt to build 91 houses.

Not only has that been passed, there are houses going to be built on Chippendale’s Farm and on Kingsley Drive.

Councillors Broadbank and Law worked very hard for us to stop this three times at the planning meetings, then along came the highways committee and passed it. This was a very sad day for me.

I have looked out onto these fields for many years and to know that soon I will be looking at a housing estate is not worth thinking about.

Starbeck has been the place I have a lived for all my life, and I have seen a lot of changes. Some good, some bad, but I feel the number of houses built from Bogs Lane onto Kingsley Road is too much.

No longer are we a village, we will soon be joined from Harrogate into Knaresborough with no boundaries.

I hope the highways committee are thinking of all the extra cars that will be on our already congested roads and have plans in place to meet that need to, but I don’t think they will.

It was brought up at the last meeting and was brushed aside with the quote “we can always make Bogs Lane/Kingsley Road into a one way road, but will look at it when housing has been built”.

So here’s to two to three years of heavy vehicles, noise, pollution, our wildlife moving out again, dust, dirt, and they say Harrogate is a happy place to live?

Also in your article dated March 16, Barratt said they are making an investment of £11.2 million but no mention of the £16 million profit which they will gain from the sale of those houses at today’s prices.

So it all comes down to profit for the builders, and misery for the people who live in the area, wildlife, our roads, our school and our one doctors’ surgery.

But don’t worry, 66 construction jobs generated through Barratt’s build will keep the community happy.

Molly Court

Olive Walk.