Letter: Highways - Too many sets of needless lights

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Once again, NYCC’s unhealthy and ineffective obsession with traffic lights is raised (Advertiser, April 27).

Is there some arcane rationale which determines why and where they are thrown up; if so, could we please have access to it?

I ask having once again puzzled over the Chatsworth Grove pedestrian crossing with increasing disbelief.

This has six ugly lanterns, making a total of eighteen lights to control nothing more complex than two-lane King’s Road.

I pass and obsess over it, almost every day and am starting to wonder if I am becoming as irrational as NYCC.

There are many similar unsightly, needless configurations all over the town.

We were forced to pay for them and continue to fund their maintenance at a time when funding for buses, libraries and other vital services is being pared to the bone.

Could someone - anyone - please explain why?

Malcolm Wright