Letter: Highways - Safer entrance and exit

One of your correspondents was kind enough last week to draw attention to my role, as the county councillor for Masham Road and Masham Close, in putting together the funding to enable the recent road works to proceed. This came after a number of earlier discussions had not led to a solution.

A traffic island has now been created which makes entry to and exit from the Mashams area easier and safer. I have had a number of messages from local residents confirming they are happy with the new layout.

However, your correspondent queried whether the traffic island should not have been longer.

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Professional advice which I have seen confirms this would not be possible - a longer island would not allow longer vehicles to make the turn without actually mounting the island.

I am glad to put the record straight in this regard, and I pay tribute to the professional skills of the county council’s highways team.

John Ennis

North Yorkshire County


(Harrogate Oatlands)