Letter: Highways - More cash for pavement repairs

Potholes in North Yorkshire
Potholes in North Yorkshire

It is good news that the Strong and Steady Project has been launched by NYCC with the aim to prevent older people to be more active to prevent falls. I have no doubt that the project will try to help the 42 per cent of local people who fall in their own homes, through providing advice on trip hazards in the home.

I wonder whether the scheme will be able to persuade the county council and the local borough council to increase the pavement repair budget as I suspect many older people fall and require hospital treatment (as I did recently) as a result of the poor state of repair generally of the pavements in the town.

Special attention needs to be placed on the state of the public pavement adjacent to our new council offices.

A new block pathing walkway to the entrance as well as landscaping has been provided, however the pavement going down Coppice Drive is disgraceful and in my view dangerous.

Only last week a lady in an electric wheelchair needed rescuing as her vehicle was unable to negotiate the pavement surface.

The two local councils need to begin to be more responsive to meeting the everyday living needs of all local people by providing a safer walking environment.

I wish both councils would focus budgets on the real contributory factors which influence older people falling rather than £300,000 eye catching initiatives.

Stuart Bell