Letter: Highways - An invitation to a special tour...

Through your column may I invite a member of NYCC Highways Department to accompany me as a sidecar passenger on a motorcycle tour of some of Harrogate's highways and byways?

Friday, 6th May 2016, 6:00 am
Potholes in North Yorkshire

Unfortunately I can’t make a direct invitation because the department is shielded by an operator who “takes calls” for them or points out the online post facility.

The tour will include Beckwith Road and Penny Pot Lane – I’m sure readers can expand the itinerary - where the potholes will catch the sidecar wheel resulting in discomfort and damage for motorists or actual danger for cyclists.

We will then stop (inevitably) at a selection of road works poorly supervised by the department where we might catch sight of real industry.

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We will experience the thrill of two-into-one lane filtering with last-minute signage, marvel at the lack of synchronisation of traffic lights and reflect on how so much money results in such little improvement.

The only qualifications needed are a stiff upper lip, good bladder control and a well-padded posterior.

Who’s up for it?

David Andrews

Duchy Road, Harrogate