Letter: Highways - Have roadworks made it better?

Potholes on Fulwith Mill Lane
Potholes on Fulwith Mill Lane

I read today, Thursday, March 8 in the Advertiser that it is ‘National Pothole Day’ and the need for more support for North Yorkshire County Council for funding to repair the potholes! This is the same council who have wasted many thousands of pounds on the numerous junction “improvements” in Harrogate:- Leeds Road/Hookstone Road, Woodlands Junction, New Park Roundabout,the many attempts at the “improved” junction at the bus station.

How many of Harrogate residents think any of these have improved anything. This is also the same council that has ignored the views of Harrogate residents and is consulting to spend many millions on a new road, NYCC want to build another road when they can’t maintain the ones they have! I think NYCC and their leaders need to address the issue of their incompetence in road management before they plead for more money.

Mike Monkman