Letter: Highways - Appalling state of the roads system

Almsford Oval, Harrogate
Almsford Oval, Harrogate

I wish to complain in the strongest of terms about the absolutely appalling state of the roads system locally in my area of Harrogate (Almsford Oval), both before and (what is worse) after repair work has been done on them.

The work has not been done to a satisfactory standard at all. There are two very large holes that have developed in the road opposite my house in Almsford Oval, developed as the result of a large and heavy gritting lorry associated with the first process of the works had passed over it.

A second series of holes developed similarly after the gritting lorry had passed over it, and is due totally to this lorry passing over it.

The response from the team of repairmen was simply to do nothing and just let the top dressing lorry (with Bitumen) fill in the holes created by it.

Needless to say the potholes are still evident. This is the tip of a very big iceberg. There are areas where there are still holes in the road, and citizens who pay their council tax are still running the risk of serious injury should they fall into one of these holes.

I hope that the insurance of the council is up to date as there will still be claims!

Recently, some of the very deep potholes were filled in and left as usual with nobody telling us when we were to have any further road surface applied to cover the fine layer of small and insignificant chippings.

Then lo and behold – about a month ago this is thrust upon us – with no notice and we have to either like it or lump it. Well the attitude of the council is not a good one – playing fast and loose with tax payers money!

The work that has been done is awful and the lack of any further interest from NYCC has been duly noted! This is false economy in its worse form!

The surface dressing that has been applied is so thin that when a light van went on top of it outside my house on Almsford Oval, the dressing came off in the tyres of the van. Can you tell me what the point was in doing the process in the first place if it is going to come off.

Also, there are areas where the coating has not been applied and the road looks an even bigger mess. We asked the operatives at the time what was planned for these areas, but nothing has been done. I need to have some value for money, so please make sure that this at least is done. Why has there been no follow up – even asking the taxpayers what they think of it.

In my opinion, and that of many local council taxpayers, much of the incompetence arises from the nonsensical decision to export all the decision making processes out of Harrogate to the relatively small township of Northallerton!

Question for all! Why can’t Harrogate matters be dealt with by Harrogate Borough Council – I need an answer very soon.

David Etchells