Letter: Harrogate's main roads in a dire state

Having had an amazing weekend enjoying the Tour de Yorkshire, I was inspired to get my bike out and go for a spin.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 11:30 am
Tour de Yorkshire. (Pateley Bridge ) Stage winner (1805061AM31)

However, I am aghast at the dire state of the main roads in Harrogate, especially Leeds Road (A61) between Harrogate town centre heading south to the BMW dealership at Pannal.

Every single drain trap has potholes which are more akin to craters and are incredibly dangerous for a cycle user. You either have to run the risk of attempting to cycle through these holes or pull out into on coming traffic risking causing a crash or killing yourself.

Perhaps the authorities concerned should focus their resources on making main roads safe for all rather than pandering to those who live on the town’s most affluent, leafy suburban streets which have just had all their pot holes filled in: Fulwith Mill Lane and Cornwall Road to name a few, along with top dressing the quiet back streets of Bilton.

Given the huge efforts from Welcome to Yorkshire to promote the region as a must visit venue for cyclists the lack of provision for cyclists is lack lustre at best. When cycling from Harrogate south to Leeds along the A61 the only safe, marked cycle lanes are in the city centre of Leeds.

Almost none of the junctions at traffic lights etc have boxes for cyclists and overall the experience was a disappointment and I felt I was taking my life in my hands.

I hope that the potholes on the stretch of road get remedied as a matter of urgency before someone loses their life.

Dean Grant