Letter: Harrogate - A great place but should have more intellectual attractions

I am a part time resident of Harrogate. I am an American who married someone from the area.

Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 10:30 am
Crescent gardens council building would make a perfect museum

I really love the town of Harrogate. It is such a great place and has so much going for it. My only criticism is that I feel like it should have a little more in the way of intellectual attractions.

To further add to the town, I believe that the council building in Crescent Gardens would make a perfect museum. It would also bring more people to a very attractive part of town.

Together with the Pump Museum and the Mercer Gallery, you would have a Museum quarter.

Besides adding a high quality attraction, the museum would have obvious ancillary benefits (i.e. supportive of the retail and restaurant business in town).

Pat Connors