Letter: Green Spaces - Once destroyed, gone forever

Crimple Valley
Crimple Valley

I refer to Geoff Webber’s letter in the Advertiser (August 17) asking residents to “see the big picture.”

It is very easy for people receiving a complaint about planning to accuse the resident of being a NIMBY and hence ignore the letter as being from just another nuisance. I write as not only a resident of Pannal but as a resident of Harrogate, who wishes to preserve the green spaces of our beautiful area.

I acknowledge that building land must be made available but this must be done with care to the environment and not making our villages into urban jungles. Pannal has been targeted and building has already started on the development of the Dunlopillo site. Why then destroy the areas around Spring Lane?

The roads are not able to cope with the school traffic at the beginning and end of the day as it is and only a resident of the area can be of testament to this. The country roads were not built to accommodate large volumes of traffic and planners, who have little or no knowledge of the area, are now proposing to add to the problem of lack of safety and congestion.

Many children have to be delivered by car, as for the most part the narrow lanes do not even have room to create a footpath.

Green spaces once destroyed are gone forever along with the wildlife and diversity of plants. Surely planners have a responsibility to protect such areas for the future, despite having absolutely no affinity with Pannal.

In conclusion Mr Webber, I say it is the planners not the residents that need to “see the big picture”.

Ann Aldred