Letter: Grass Cutting - Common sense should prevail

The Stray
The Stray

Has anyone else noticed, the inventive ways the Council are coming up with in these times of austerity? Having walked the dog this morning, it just astounds me what I have seen.

The council workers have been out (attempting to) cut the grass on the Jennyfield Estate. Having previously been in touch with the Council in regards to the grass strewn across many footpaths. They had to send out another worker to clear up the mess left behind. You guessed it! The same is going on.

Added to the above, if saving money is something the council are trying to do, why are they using the motor-driven road sweeper to sweep the streets on Jennyfield on a monthly basis? My guess is, it must cost approx £100 per hour.

Common sense should dictate.

GA Whyte