Letter: European Union - Consequences of leaving

Surely the duty of MPs is to vote and make decisions, using their own judgement, experience, knowledge of an issue rather than going with the wishes of their constitution or electorate whom have little knowledge and are not well informed of such issues as Brexit.

Tuesday, 14th February 2017, 10:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:47 am
EU and UK flags together

In this situation, initially Andrew Jones voted along with most MPs against Brexit and the vast majority of his own constituents of Harrogate and Knaresborough voted againt Brexit on June 23. Yet and most alarmingly like most MPs he carried a U-turn by voting for Article 50.

Many of the world’s great leaders and statesmen were `horrified` that such an important decision was given to the people of Britain, whom have little knowledge of political issues.

Nearly half of our imports/exports will have to cease trade immediately on date of exit, awaiting a trade embargo of release of new quotes, tariffs and tenders.

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This could take weeks, months, years, or even never. This will have a `domino` effect on world trade.

Supermarkets rely on EU imports, food is largely subsidised (like most countries in the world) via the CAP. Our current government have stated that funding of Common Agricultural Policy cannot be replaced.

This will not only lead to huge price increases, but small to medium farmers will not be able to trade electronically.

We have the world’s highest debt to capital ratio - currently £2,000,000 million (£2 trillion) and £600 billion will have to be paid back to EC. That`s over £20,000 per tax payer or 10 times the entire NHS budget.

As MP Ken Clark said in the House on Thursday, ‘Brexit will be like running down a rabbit burrow, which will lead us to a major chasm where the whole world will be pleading and bending over to want to trade with us’.

Ken finds the issue rather comical. I enjoy his intellectual wit, but does our electorate?

The consequences of leaving the EC is dire.

Many are fooled at the rise in the FTSE - such a rise is a reflection of the plummeting value of the pound.

A correction factor, not an indication of performance or economic wealth.

John France