Letter: EU - Ten good reasons to leave...

From an independent perspective.

Monday, 30th May 2016, 9:00 am

1 You do not believe in an undemocratic,totalitarian European super state,primarily controlled by Germany and France.

2 You do believe in an independent democratic United Kingdom,primarily controlled by a UK government,elected by its citizens.

3You do not believe the rest of Europe have confidence or respect in David Cameron,George Osborne,or moreover the United Kingdom.

4 You do believe that Boris Johnson,Michael Gove and Ian Duncan Smith have communicated compelling reasons to leave.

5 You do not believe the assertion that the UK economy would collapse if we voted to leave.

6 You do believe that the United Kingdom has earned the right to act independently on the world stage,and not to be led by unelected European beurocrats.

7 You do not believe that Calais should provide free and open passage for economic migrants to the UK.

8 You do believe that the UK can and should control its borders and decide who has access, as an independent nation.

9 You do not believe that it is impossible for the UK to survive outside of the EU.

10 You do believe that the UK has the ability,confidence and determination to thrive independently in the world economy. The UK has been in economic,social,political and moral decline for decades,lets start reversing this trend and vote to leave.

A Walker

Roseville Drive,