Letter - EU referendum: Poor state of debate on EU

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Being an OAP and having nothing better to do, I thought it might be fun, interesting and informative to do a straw poll survey on the upcoming EU Referendum - it was.

Here are some of the comments received:

1. I’m Labour, I’ll vote what they do.

2. I’m voting to stay in because of the immigrants.

3. Know nothing about it.

4. It’s just another election.

5. I’m voting out because they are all crooks that run it.

6. I’m voting in because the EU give Britain lots of money every day.

7. It’s a Government thing, It’s nothing to do with us.

8. I don’t know what to do, what do you think I should do?

9. Don’t know, undecided, out I think.

10. They are all the same Tories and Labour.

11. Why don’t you.....It’s none of your business.

12. Out, because they made Somali fishermen into pirates by dredging their sea of all fish.

13. Out, because I believe in God, they don’t.

These are some of the views of the great British public, in whom we will be putting our trust to vote on an issue which will decide the future of our beautiful country for the next 100-1000 years.

To conclude, I would say, not in a blasphemous way, but as a prayer - God help us.

Mr V Platt

Cold Bath Road, Harrogate