Letter; Duchy Road - Minor closure for a small time

Duchy Road. 110817AR7pic2.Duchy Road. 110817AR7pic2.
Duchy Road. 110817AR7pic2.
Should I laugh or should I cry?

Someone at NYCC thinks that Duchy Road is a well used through road. It is for the people who live down but I have never used it.

Cornwall Road is a much better option to get to town.

So we are talking about a minor closure for part of one day (for the Queen’s birthday celebrations) - the diversion being of very little consequence to anyone.

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Many people in this area will remember NYCC being quite prepared to close the A59 one way for 10 months.

Please could someone enlighten me as to how Harrogate BC lost control over its own highways.

I can remember the days when the road surfaces in our area were something to be proud of. Now many of the country roads are like cart tracks.

A visit to Spain last year illustrated to me how much our infrastructure is falling apart.

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I have noticed over the last few years that our “public servants” are now our “public autocrats”.

The point was well made by David Andrews in last week’s Advertiser - they cannot be contacted directly any more.

Margaret Cyster

Sutton Grange Close,


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