Letter: Dog fouling - Council needs to take more action

With regards the recent letters concerning 'the age old' problem of dog fouling. I believe that if the shared paths in Harrogate were adequately signed to reflect the Highway Code (Rule 56: Dogs. Do not let a dog out on the road on its own. Keep it on a short lead when walking on the pavement, road or path shared with cyclists or horse riders), then the problem with fouling would be greatly reduced.

Saturday, 20th February 2016, 12:00 pm
Mike Monkman writes that the council needs more action on dog fouling

How can dog owners be aware of fouling that occurs when their pets are allowed to roam freely?

I have tried for some time to get these paths so signed, as many dog owners seem to be unaware of this rule.

Unfortunately getting any action from Harrogate Council is proving next to impossible.

Indeed, despite her comments in her letter of January 28, Coun Val Rodgers apparently does not support this particular Highway Code rule, as seems evident in my attempts to engage some local support for council action with regards this.

The Greenway has now been signed to reflect the Highway Code, but this was done by SUSTRANS, and by volunteers. Why cannot Harrogate Council carry out this work and on all the other paths?

With regards reporting fouling to the dog wardens, despite the fact that we all see the evidence of fouling, between July 9, 2014 and July 10, 2015, Harrogate dog wardens issued just three fixed penalty notices, of which at the time of the information request they had collected two.

If the council took a more responsible and determined view to tacking the problem of fouling, there would be no need for temporary “We are Watching You” campaigns.

Mike Monkman