Letter: Disability benefits - Don't make their lives harder

Andrew Jones, MP, voted in favour of pushing through sharp cuts to disability benefits.

MPs argue that these cuts will incentivise disabled people to find work, although since they refused to undertake an impact assessment this is only conjecture.

I can tell Mr Jones that disabled people don’t need additional incentive to find a job. I can’t think of anyone who wants a job more than my disabled sister.

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Up until a couple of years ago she worked for Remploy, which provided supported employment for disabled people, but the government shut Remploy down and she has not been able to find alternative employment. My sister’s health has suffered badly as a result.

Essentially, the government has taken jobs from disabled people and is, ironically, now punishing them for not having a job. Making the lives of people like my sister even harder by cutting benefits is not going to make non-existent jobs magically appear. It is just an act of nastiness.

P Sykes


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