Letter: Congestion - So out of touch with reality

How can HBC's Rebecca Burnett cabinet member for sustainable transport be so out of touch with reality (Advertiser December 8). Harrogate and the country are developing, the population is increasing, this means more road vehicles, more journeys.

Tuesday, 20th December 2016, 10:30 am
Station Parade jam.(1505141AM1)

To think this can be mitigated by walking, cycling and public transport is naive. These alternatives are time-consuming, often unpleasant and less convenient.

It is windy, rainy and hilly here and cycling is not without its dangers.

Assuming the traffic surveys are correct, bypass roads would transfer traffic from the town to its outskirts, transferring fumes out of intensely built up areas reducing fume density there.

The fume density on the bypass would be low due to it being less built up and the traffic not standing, and it would be much less populated.

It would reduce traffic queuing and congestion reducing areas of dense fumes.

The next decade will see a large increase in less polluting electric/hybrid vehicles on our roads contributing to improved air quality.

Smart traffic lights and re-planned road junctions so far have not had any visible effect in reducing congestion.

Street parking within Harrogate is reaching breaking point and slows traffic causing congestion.

There are no plans to build car parks. Under the Stray seems a good option.

If we are to significantly reduce/eradicate congestion and improve air quality, Ms Burnett and colleagues need to do some serious thinking and quick, or we should get some new “thinkers”.

Otherwise it will be gridlock and asphyxiation for another two decades.

Paul Ashfield

Duchy Road,