Letter: Buses - Try a change of route

Denis Hutchinson calls for a change of bus routes.Denis Hutchinson calls for a change of bus routes.
Denis Hutchinson calls for a change of bus routes.
As you are aware there are a lot of concerns from residents of Calcutt, Forest Moor, Hookstone Chase and Harrogate, regarding the poor bus service.

It has been said that the reason for such a poor service is because nobody uses it.

Well of course nobody uses it, because if you get into Harrogate, you either have so little time or you have to wait a long time for the next bus back.

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How often have we seen two, three and four buses behind each other going up Knaresborough Road?

Would it not be possible for Connexion Buses to run some of its service from St James Park via Knaresborough and then Calcutt?

I am sure this would be used more by residents. They would be able to get to Knaresborough (especially on market days) and the retail park knowing that they can get a bus back at a reasonable time.

I believe that this would not involve a lot of extra running costs, if any at all. as it would be only 0.9 of a mile longer.

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But you would not be held up at the Starbeck Level crossing (every half hour) or at Bond End in Knaresborough (especially in summer when the tailbacks can be a mile long). And also Connexion Buses would not have to fight with Transdev for customers.

This would encourage residents to use this regular service and leave their cars at home - if they have one.

More houses are being built locally but the bus service has not kept pace on what is supposed to be a major route into Harrogate.

Elderly residents have currently to rely on taxis in order to travel from home, a cost that some can ill afford.

Denis Hutchinson

Plompton Drive, Harrogate