Letter: Borough Council - Suspicions aroused

Harrogate Jubilee Car Park - Google Image
Harrogate Jubilee Car Park - Google Image

Having read the news article “Major event to shut car parks” in last week’s Advertiser, it seems to me that Harrogate Council are not helping themselves win favour with the public in their desire to change the Stray Act.

It must be an especially large conference for both the Victoria and Jubilee car parks to be reserved solely for delegates and yet the conference is to be kept a secret. A secret conference of “major corporate clients bringing thousands of people to the district” and due to “client confidentiality” the people of Harrogate to be kept in the dark? Preposterous!

But, more to the point - is this an indication of what might happen should HBC achieve their goal and stage large events on the Stray? Will corporate clients’ wishes for confidentiality override HBC duty to serve the people in an open fashion?

Will the people of Harrogate witness infrastructure being assembled on West Park Stray and not be allowed to know what it is? And, if the town cannot accommodate the traffic to this secret conference on Tuesday at the HIC without allocating public car parks, then how will they accommodate parking at these large events that will take up 20 hectares of Stray and last for days? Or will cars park on the Stray?

Will car parks be closed to the public on an ad-hoc basis whenever a large event takes place? Where will commuters park?

In fact. rather than putting the council in a positive light, this news just arouses suspicion.

Christine Parker