Letter: Band together to stop fracking

Anti fracking protesters
Anti fracking protesters

I would like to encourage everyone to seriously research the effects of shale gas extraction from beneath our beautiful North Yorkshire.

According to the Guardian newspaper on August 13, this current Government intends to fast track slow moving fracking applications by allowing the Climate Change Secretary, Amber Rudd, and the Communities Secretary, Greg Clark, to ‘Call in shale gas applications if councils seem to be taking longer than the 16 week statutory period required to make a decision’.

But the news raised fears among local authorities that the government is seeking to accelerate fracking at the expense of an evidence-based approach to planning’.

What has happened to democracy in this country? This government has decided that it can ride roughshod over the fears of the local populations, regardless of the very real threat shale extraction can have on our health, property and expectation of a peaceful life.

The effects of drilling for shale gas is noisy and the chemicals used are polluting; and the process unstable to say the least. It will have a long term effect on our environment; however Amber Rudd and Greg Clark will push through planning applications to positive outcome for the applicants regardless of local objections.

We need to do our research and band together against the shale gas industry and support our local and county councillors to come to a democratic decision to refuse these applications. In the Harrogate district please join up with HADAAF, Harrogate and District Alliance Against Fracking, and together we might defeat this threat to our environment.

In Ryedale, the current community under threat, contact Frack Free Ryedale and join the campaign.

Check on social media the effects shale gas extraction has had in America. Check the North Yorkshire County Council planning application for waste and minerals to raise the issue as early as possible.

Please let us fight together to ensure it doesn’t happen here.

Elizabeth Barclay