Letter: 2017 - My Xmas and New Year wish list

1. For those who have lost members of their family in the service of their country - That the UK football authorities tell FIFA where to go.

Monday, 26th December 2016, 10:30 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:19 pm

2. For 20,000 pensioners - that Philip Green pays the debt he owes to the pension members of BHS.

3. For hope - That the Prime Minister’s drive for technology is directed at solving the wave energy challenge and the logistics of the electric car.

That she does patent any development.

Our abysmal track record, from concept to the market place or for giving them away is woeful.

However our track record in developing logistics solutions has been exceedingly good.

4. For our sanity and future generations - That we abandon the Chinese financed, French built nuclear power station which will be paid for by generations of future tax payers.

Why? Spend the money on alternative sources (e.g. three above) because only a brief look on the “web” at the consequences of human error and force of nature that led to Chernobyl and Fukashima disasters (Exclusion zones of 20/30km, and serious contamination over thousands of square kilometres.

Take a look at Hinckley Point within 30km Cardiff, Tiverton, Minehead, Bridgewater, Weston Super Mare and close by Bristol and Bath). Why on earth with the memory of the Twin Towers and terrorism should we even be thinking of nuclear power? And we have not even considered it for the last 30 years.

5. For me and other tax payers - That I was on the same tax regime as the President of the EU.

Why - because the poorest tax payers in the UK start paying before he does and he stops paying at a tax rate far lower than we do.

6. Finally for my community on Harlow Hill - To end the madness of having two bus companies run the 6 and 6X at exactly the same time, every 30 minutes.

Most other services run eight and 15 minute schedules.

The last bus leaves before 7pm. All other services leave just after 11pm (After a charity concert at St Peter’s it cost me £7 to go home.

On any other service including Ripon and Leeds I could have caught a bus).

We locals regularly sit and watch drivers “jockeying” for position for the next stops on congested roads.

One day a driver, for whatever reason, will make a mistake attributable to the above. Beside the driver who else will be responsible?

So my Christmas cards go to:

Andrew Jones our MP with a transport responsibility in Government.

Coun Don Mackenzie and Coun Rebecca Burnett who have roles within local government on transport and whose constituents use the no. 6/6X service.

The senior managements of Transdev and Connex.

With the wish that they can bring about a change to this madness.

After all we did manage to land on the moon in 1969.

Terry Byrne

Beckwith Road,