Editor’s comment: Drink driving - A nation of slow learners

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The Christmas drink drive figures have just been released and once again North Yorkshire police have been left disappointed by the overall increase across the county in the number of arrests they had to make this festive season.

Specifically in the Harrogate district, the number of drivers found to be impaired by drink or drugs actually went down, but it was still 16 people too many.

For those 16, who felt the risk was worth taking, hopefully salutary lesson has been learned. Sadly, there will be others who ‘got away with it’, but perhaps publicity this week in this newspaper and other media might just make them think harder the next time they are tempted to drive after drinking.

Police disappointed and frustrated by Harrogate’s drink drive arrest numbers

The argument that drink driving is a generational problem does not seem to be the case, with drivers of all ages brought before the courts.

So clearly there is still a long way to go in spreading the message and winning this war.

The first anti drink-drive advert was broadcast in 1964. Now, more than 50 years on, there are still some very slow learners on our roads.