OPINION: Fundraisers step up to the plate for Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity - Sammy Lambert

Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity (HHCC) are supported by some fantastic local business across the entire Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust’s (HDFT) footprint and I would like to personally share my very best wishes to those incredible businesses as they open their doors safely again.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 4:39 pm

Speaking of the HDFT footprint our awesome Steppers have collectively covered the HDFT footprint 58 times between 1 - 21 April 2021. That is a whopping 46,751,929 steps and 23,375.96 miles! What an epic achievement.

Are you are looking for a challenge to support your local NHS? Then why not sign up to our Stepping up for HHCC challenge? You can sign up anytime: https://hhcc.co.uk/stepping-up-for-hhcc/

I have absolutely loved seeing so many of our Steppers in their orange Stepping up for HHCC t-shirts, have you spotted one? If this challenge is not for you but you would like to be involved - why not sponsor our Steppers and donate now: https://hhcc.co.uk/our-causes/fundraising-for-stepping-up-for-hhcc-challenge/

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you an exciting initiative - a specially commissioned book ‘Focus on the Good’ that we would love for you to get involved in. We are looking for photos, anecdotes and memories of lockdown. It would be wonderful to hear accounts from Harrogate Advertiser readers of your experiences over the past year in relation to Covid-19. Submissions close 31 May 2021 and should be emailed to [email protected]

From the information that you submit, we will work collaboratively with our author; Leah Knight to develop our specially commissioned book - to not only remember how Covid-19 affected us as individuals, but how communities, colleagues, volunteers and families came together to support each other and those in the NHS in a time of need.

We want to be able to remember these unprecedented times as well as remember what was gained not just lost throughout the last year.

HHCC are always looking for creative ways in which you our supporters can get involved in making a positive impact to staff, service users, patients and their families across HDFT. HHCC Donation Days will be an opportunity for you to join HHCC in supporting significant days to the NHS throughout the year.

For our first Donation Day we are proud to celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day - which is taking place 5 May 2021. Please head over to our social media pages to find out useful tips, advice and informative videos on how you can support HHCC for World Hand Hygiene Day.

Remember seconds save lives - clean your hands! This has never been more prevalent than in the last year, as we all help to protect the NHS, our friends, family and strangers with our hand hygiene.

Finally I would like to extend my congratulations to the ‘Friends of Harrogate Hospital’ who last month celebrated 55 years of raising money for Harrogate District Hospital.

Over the years, the ‘Friends’ have raised over £2.2m to finance literally thousands of items to improve the patients’ experience. These could not have been funded through the NHS budget.

One inspirational campaign raised an amazing £335,000 to house HDFT’s first MRI Scanner.

We are extremely grateful for all the Friends work over many years. If you are interested in joining the Friends please get in touch.

As a tribute to the work of our fantastic NHS team, the ‘Friends’ are about to launch a unique Limited Edition jigsaw appropriately titled ‘THANK YOU NHS’.

All the profits go to Harrogate District Hospital, don’t miss it! Watch this space!

If you would like to learn more about how you could make a difference, please visit our website: hhcc.co.uk or get in touch with the HHCC and Volunteer Team - we are here to help you, support your wonderful local NHS.

You can email us at: [email protected] or phone us if you would prefer on: 01423 557408.