Dear Reader column: Those annoying roadworks at Claro Road

By Graham Chalmers
Graham Chalmers.Graham Chalmers.
Graham Chalmers.

I talked to John Lennon recently for the second time or, rather, I talked to the second John Lennon.

I’d interviewed the first man to perform that role in The Bootleg Beatles a few years ago. But, after three decades, he’d decided to swap roles and become this famous tribute band’s manager. Brian Epstein, if you like.

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Lennon number two was chatty and friendly on the phone, probably more friendly than the real thing might have been.

A lot of our conversation was about the Bootlegs’ latest tour which swings Harrogate’s way next month.

But he was also revealing about the sheer amount of effort it takes to turn into the ‘Fab Four’ on stage.

The man playing Paul McCartney, for example, is right-handed but has been forced to learn to play bass with his left hand.

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This pain-staking process involved doing everything with his wrong hand on a daily basis for months, including stirring his tea.

I’m a massive Beatles fan myself and have always said I’d give my right hand to be Paul McCartney.

The funny thing is, in a way, he has.

I sat and I sat and I waited and waited then I sat and waited some more.

I was stuck in those roadworks at Claro Road. Nothing seemed to be moving in any direction in the gigantic traffic flytrap created by this temporary three-way control system. And it wasn’t even rush hour.

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I can‘t claim to be an expert on road flows or traffic lights but the Claro Road junction has never struck me particularly as a priority for radical change on my weekly journey to Harrogate High School on a Tuesday night to play five-a-side football badly.

And I think every motorist in Harrogate will agree with me when I say the last thing Skipton Road needs is another pedestrian crossing.

But still I waited and waited, as thousands of other motorists will continue to do for the next six weeks or so.

I hope it’s worth it.