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Apologies: due to matters beyond my control there was no neighbourhood news printed in the Nidderdale Herald on Thursday, September 20. I do hope that nobody missed any events.

Reminder: don’t forget to collect your vouchers from Morrison’s, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s plus tokens from Nestles Cereals box tops. These are traded for resources for the children at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Please drop them in at school or you can pop them through the letterbox at 21 Grange Close and they will be passed on to the school.

Bishop Thornton and Shaw Mills WI: at the September meeting there was a visit from Daphne Wilson, who has a business called Hearts and Flowers in OtleyRoad, Harrogate. Daphne demonstrated several flower arrangements with a very simple and relaxed approach. She explained the use of each flower like gerbera and how to keep them from drooping. Members were pleased that she also told them how to extend the life of flowers either by making sure that the vases were free of bacteria and also keeping them cool as possible. The sister institute from Follifoot brought 12 of their members along. Daphne asked that the displays to be raffled. There were many delighted ladies going home smiling that evening and especially the one with the display that was in the form of a bird cage using steel grass with orchids and carnations at the bases. This was the first visit to St Joseph’s School since the new extension and it was a pleasure to be entering the beautiful new area with such a spacious feel to it. Members were grateful to a member of staff who patiently waited to lock up whilst the meeting finished. There are lots of events during September and members have had many invitations to other institutes some of which have to be declined as they clash with other events. The October 3 meeting took place at Sue Schofield’s craft workshop in Wetherby to the Wetherby Whale for supper. This is a growing institute and if your children gone off to school, college or university and you now want to fill a gap or try something for yourself for a while please come along and meet members and try a few meeting. Why not speca to Liz on 01765 620003 for more information.

Autumn Concert: on Saturday at 7.30pm at Summerbridges Methodist Church the Nidd Choral Singers with Armed Man for Peaces by Noël Jenki, iit also includes a poem written by Guy Wilson. Ticket available from Jackie Drake on 01423 711278 or from choir members.

Dominos: on Saturday, October 6 at 7.30pm in Warsill Parish Hall.