A warm welcome to film crews

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Pateley Bridge is well and truly on the radar of and proving to be a popular destination for TV companie.

Last week I had a meeting with the production company behind a new TV series which started on BBC2 on Monday evening. The program follows the Bloom groups ‘ from around the country who took part in last year’s Britain in Bloom competition.

At our meeting I was joined by my Pateley in Bloom deputy Tim Ledbetter, Catholic Church Priest Father Mike Walsh and Rachel. It was arranged to discuss about the Pateley in Bloom group taking part in filming by the production company for a second series of the programme which the BBC has commissioned.

The meeting seemed to go very well with plenty of laughter - well Father Mike does have a great repertoire of clean jokes which he delivers with aplomb.

More TV coverage for Pateley Bridge last week came about when a TV crew arrived from Denmark.

The main TV channel in Denmark had sent a crew to film quintessential English traditional food being made and followed the presenter as she shadowed Mick Riley of Kendall’s Farm Butchers as he made pork pies before displaying them in their shop window.

I spoke to Mick after he had finished filming and he said he had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Pateley Bridge and pork pies are inextricably linked, attracting people from all over the country to buy them.

More filming opportunities for Pateley Bridge are in the offing which I discussed with Neil Thompson who is the local Cub leader. It is hoped the Cubs can take part in filming as one of the Pateley in Bloom community groups working on a project which could also help them in qualifying for their gardening badges for their uniforms.

I also discussed with Neil a second opportunity for filming this time involving, if he agreed, his three children. This proposal would be with another TV production company. The filming would be in May for a Channel 5 program where the children would be filmed tasting different types of unusual traditional sweets from our sweet shop. They would be describing and commenting on the taste of sweets that they would not normally buy.

Even more TV coverage for Pateley Bridge when next month a BBC TV program - A1 Britain’s Longest Road - will be shown about last year’s 1940s event which was held in the town.

On Monday evening Gloria and I were in Burton Leonard where we were giving a talk to the local WI. I am back in the village tomorrow morning to give a talk at Dementia Forward a local registered charity.

I quipped to the women of the WI that maybe I should have booked into local accommodation to save myself a return journey.

As I have said on many occasions it is a relief when having been away to return to Nidderdale and Pateley Bridge.

Returning a couple of evenings ago as I headed towards the top of Pateley Bridge High Street there in front of me was the heart warming sight of a fantastic new display.

Adorning the top of Fox’s Head Well was a wonderful piece of colourful artwork in the shape of a bridge with Tour cyclists riding over it and crowds of spectators waving to the riders. On the arch of the bridge it said Pateley Bridge Welcomes You. Always a warm welcome in Pateley Bridge.