One of best days in youth brass band’s history

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Tewit Youth bands had one of the most successful set of results in its history at the National Youth Brass Band Championships.

The Senior Band won a gold award, for the second time in two years, in their class while the Intermediate Band earned a silver for the first time.

The Junior Band, entering the championships in Manchester for the first time in the Beginners Class, were awarded a merit for their performance.

The Junior Band were first on stage and, under the baton of their MD, Dave Dunn-Birch, played a selection of music from films and shows for 20 minutes and enthralled the audience with their controlled and quality performance for such a young group between the ages of seven and 11.

Next to perform was the Senior Band, under the baton of MD Martin Hall. They set the standard with a brilliant performance of the test piece, Funk Engine, specially composed for the competition.

This was followed by a cornet solo from Peter Clark of My ‘Ain Folk and two other pieces for their 20 minute slot.

The whole performance was outstanding and well deserved their gold award.

Last, but by no means least, was the Intermediate Band, under their MD, Steve Heninghem, and they played probably better than they have ever played, with control and balance to give such a confident sound. A comment from 4barsrest stated: “Another ensemble from the excellent Tewit Youth organisation – inspiring stuff this!”

Their soprano cornet soloist, Morgan Medcroft, gave a superb rendition of Solitaire and the entire program was well received.

President Colin Gibbs said: “The whole day was a credit to Tewit, Harrogate and the schools they all attend who give support and help to the young musicians.”

To hear all the groups perform, you can attend their annual president’s concert at the Forumin Harrogate Grammar School on Saturday July 2, at 7pm.

Tewit is the only independent youth brass band group in the Harrogate area.