On this day in 1941: Lone daylight raider bombs East Coast town

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Several shops demolished: A greengrocer's heroism

A SOLITARY raider dived out of the mist this afternoon and bombed an East Coast town.

At least nine people were killed and others injured.

Bombs fell in three places, and they demolished shops and badly damaged others. As it was early closing day, there were fewer people in the damaged premises than usual.

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One bomb wrecked a greengrocer’s shop and partly demolished an hotel and restaurant adjoining. It was here that the casualties occurred.

The greengrocer was dug out of the wreckage of his premises after nearly three hours’ work. During that time he directed the rescuers how reach him and free him from a beam which had pinned him down.

Having been assured that his wife was safe, he remained cheerful during the rescue operations, and cracked a Joke with friends in the A.R.P. service who were placing him in an ambulance.

Some naval seamen did good work at an hotel which was damaged.

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They climbed through a shattered window into the wreckage and assisted to liberate a number of people who were trapped.

A cellarman at the damaged hotel was buried in the collapse of the building. He was got out after two hours’ work. Both his legs were broken.

A child who was seen in the street Just before one bomb fell Is missing.

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