Ofsted inspectors hail Wetherby High turnaround

You’re a class act – that was the message today to students and staff at Wetherby High School that is fast becoming one of Leed’s education success stories.

Wetherby High School was judged to be in need of improvement by Ofsted following an inspection in September 2016.

Now, though, the 620-student school is celebrating the results of its latest inspection by the education watchdog, which saw it rated as good overall – and outstanding on personal development, behaviour and welfare.

Key conclusions in the new Ofsted report include:

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* School leaders have “driven improvement relentlessly” since the last inspection;

* The school’s environment is a “secure and stimulating place for pupils to learn and develop”;

* Every pupil is “valued and cared for” thanks to Wetherby High’s determination to be a truly inclusive school;

* Considerable effort is made to ensure the school only recruits high-quality staff.

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Headteacher Lucie Lakin said: “I am so proud of the achievements of students, staff and governors.

“The report highlights that we are a ‘truly inclusive school’ and acknowledges the great academic progress made by our young people.

“The response from families and partners across the area has been overwhelming.

“So many in the local community have shared with us how pleased they are to see our ethos and values encapsulated effectively by the report’s comments.”

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Ofsted inspectors spent two days in the school last month, monitoring 36 lessons and meeting staff, students and parents.

The visit came against a backdrop of consistent improvement in Wetherby High’s exam results, with GCSE and A-level pass rates both above the national average and the progress being made by the school’s disadvantaged students said to be particularly impressive.

Wetherby High’s chair of governors, Cindy Bentley, said: “Our thanks go to all of our staff, children and families whose faith in our school and its values and ethos has been rewarded with this exceptionally positive Ofsted report.”

The school’s executive headteacher, Simon Flowers, added: “To see the Ofsted team understood the children are ‘immensely proud of their school’ is wonderful – and, in return, we are immensely proud of the children.”

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