Winter jackets for chilly little lambs

pat  Tania Wood (left) with lamb Doris and Joanne Brydon with Derek at Moor View.  (120413M1e)
pat Tania Wood (left) with lamb Doris and Joanne Brydon with Derek at Moor View. (120413M1e)

WINTER jackets have been keeping these little lambs warm and safe.

Twins Derek and Doris were born on Easter weekend, as temperatures dipped below freezing in Nidderdale.

Their owner, Joanne Brydon, was afraid they wouldn’t make it and came up with the idea of dressing them in some old dog coats she had at the Moor View Kennels and Cattery.

“We just wanted to make sure they were alright because they’re so little,” she said. “We had that warm spell and then almost overnight it dropped right down.

“We are really high up and it gets so cold.”

The twins were the third set of lambs born at the kennels at Easter.

“We have four pet lambs, Lilly, Bella, Barney and Betty,” said Mrs Brydon, who lives near the kennels in Bewerley.

“Lilly had twin girls, Daisy and Dora, and Bella had twin boys, Dennis and Dudley. Barney thinks he’s the dad, but he’s not.”

It was Betty’s twins, Derek and Doris, who were wrapped up in the little jackets, as they were born later than the others, when the sun had given way to snow and freezing rain.

“They wouldn’t have survived if we hadn’t put the coats on,” said Mrs Brydon, 45. “We are just lucky we had them to hand.”

Mrs Brydon said the lambs were all doing really well now.

“They think they’re a part of the family,” she said. “They come into the kitchen, put their paws up on the counter and will be stealing carrots while you’re cooking dinner.”