VIDEO - Breakdown blues for tribute ‘brothers’

The Blues Brothers were on a “mission from God” to get to Harrogate in time for the switching on of the town’s Christmas lights - arriving under police escort and being towed by a tractor.

The tribute act, set to star in Jake and Elwood’s Christmas party at Harrogate’s Royal Hall, had been invited to turn on the town’s lights last Thursday night.

But they nearly didn’t make it in time, after their Bluesmobile broke down. It was only the intervention of a farmer with a tractor - and a police escort to see them on their way - that got them to the stage on time.

“Everything was against us,” said Joliet Jake Blues, who changed his name by deed pole to that of his screen idol. “But we got here in the end, with minutes to spare.”

Joliet and his co-star Elwood, driving a classic Pontiac Trans Am Nightrider known as Kitt, had been on their way to Harrogate from somewhere near Nottingham.

They had just left the A1 when the gearbox on the Bluesmobile, an iconic American squad car complete with giant microphone, broke down.

“A farmer had to tow us here in his tractor,” said Joliet. “If he hadn’t, we would never have got here in time. With the help of the AA and a police escort, we pulled in just three minutes before.”

The pair made it up on stage in time for the countdown to the Christmas lights switch-on, performing several sets on stage to crowds of hundreds who had gathered in the rain.

But, long after the crowds had left, the pair were still there. Having turned their Nightrider’s headlights on the crowds to add a bit of atmosphere to the occasion, the battery had died and yet another tow truck was called to the scene.

“It’s been brilliant, what a night,” said Joliet. “Talk about being on a mission from God. But we made it. Just.”

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