Umbrellas up! Burst water pipe creates 'geyser' on Otley Road

Burst water pipe on Otley Road - picture by Bob Pattison
Burst water pipe on Otley Road - picture by Bob Pattison

Yorkshire Water has apologised after a water pipe in Harrogate burst, creating a 'geyser' on a residential street.

Traffic on Otley Road watched on in shock yesterday (June 30), when a faulty water pipe exploded, shooting gallons of water metres into the air.

The road soon became awash with water from the gushing pipe with Otley Road residents' gardens also quickly becoming flooded.

Technicians from Yorkshire Water were called and managed to fully repair the main within a couple of hours and have since apologised to affected residents.

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: "We would like to apologise to local residents who were affected by the burst water pipe on Otley Road yesterday.

"Our technicians arrived quickly to the scene and worked hard to fully repair the water main within a matter of hours, which has thankfully restored water supplies and water pressure back to normal service.

"Bursts to water mains unfortunately do occasionally occur but we have a dedicated team on hand to resolve these incidents to mitigate the impact they have on customers."