Thorner farm to play host to segway business venture

Andrew Walmsley of Off The Edge Mountain Boarding and Glenn Bevons of Seggy Segway
Andrew Walmsley of Off The Edge Mountain Boarding and Glenn Bevons of Seggy Segway

Just seven months after opening a mountain boarding track, a Thorner farm is now playing host to thrill-seekers on segways.

Andrew Walmsley, a tenant farmer at Carr Farm, took an unusual approach to ensuring his farming business keeps growing by dedicated six acres of him farmland to mountain boarding in July 2013.

Mr Walmsley, 53, continues to enjoy this recreational activity, which involves users riding a board consisting of a deck and four pneumatic tyres, but is now also involved in the segway track opening in an adjacent field.

The business, called Seggy Segway, is owned by Glenn Bevons who hopes to open to the public in the middle of March.

He approached Mr Walmsley looking for a local site for his segway track after taking part in mountain boarding at the farm’s summer open day.

Mr Walmsley said: “I think it is a really interesting thing to be doing and that’s why I wanted to get on board.

“With Glenn doing something so different from our mountain boarding I thought the two businesses might work well together and bounce off each other and it could work out well for both of us.”

The field has a 150m learning track where riders are taught how to ride the segways with the support of an instructor.

Riders can then move onto a much larger intermediate track, before taking the alternative vehicle to the largest section which incorporates a variety of terrains including sand, mud, and bark, and many different obstacles, such as logs and a see-saw.

Originally from Thorner, Mr Bevons, 42, tried a segway in Majorca and thought the vehicle would go down well in England.

He said: “There is nobody else doing this in Leeds and this static venue will work really well for kid’s parties.

“The field is pretty much redundant and I thought our two businesses, which are both really different, would be able to complement each other.”

Mr Bevons first opened a mobile segway business, catering to birthday parties, tours, and taster sessions, before deciding to take on a fixed location for events.

A segway is an electric vehicle with two wheels that reacts to its rider’s movements, using two computers and motors that make 100 calculations per second to ensure the rider stays upright and maintain their balance.

The segways used at Seggy Segway are adventure models with low pressure wheels and can take riders on all kinds of terrain, including wet mud and snow.

Though reaching a maximum speed of only 12.5mph, riders are assured that they will feel as though they are gliding through the air, moving with ease as the vehicle moves forward and turns simply.

For more information about Seggy Segway visit the website at, and for more information about Off the Edge mountain boarding visit