The seven richest people in Harrogate

Looking for a multi- millionaire? There are rich pickings in Harrogate.

The Sunday Times Rich List, published last weekend, has revealed that there are a wealth of top earners in the town. And if we expand our barriers to include the wider district, we even have a billionaire.

Supermarket king Sir Ken Morrison, who lives in a magnificent French-style chateau near Boroughbridge, tops the list for 2011 with a fortune of £1.03bn.

He has dropped from the top spot in Yorkshire, measuring 64th nationally compared to 30th last year. His wealth is down £506m year on year since reducing the family’s stake in Wm Morrison to just 9 per cent.

Yet despite his immense fortune, as the Harrogate Advertiser exclusively revealed when we went round for a chat in 2009, he still has Homer Simpson coasters.

Also on the definitive list, which charts the top 1,000 richest people in the UK, are care home and construction magnates, property moguls and a tea tycoon.

Ian Coxon, editor of the Sunday Times Rich List, said people in Harrogate are doing well despite the economic downturn.

“The super rich in Britain, including Yorkshire, are definitely doing better than last year,” he said. “Overall, wealth is up 18 per cent.”

Nearly a decade ago, figures showed that Harrogate had 86 millionaires. Ilkley boasted 113 while Leeds had 90.

“There has been a dramatic rise in personal wealth over the last 20 years,” said Mr Coxon. “The number of women in the rich list is increasing.

“Inevitably, there was a dip two years ago because of the economic slump, but now, we are climbing back up to record levels.”

Racing enthusiast Lawrence Tomlinson, who lives near Harrogate with his wife and four children, tops the local list and ranks 150th nationally.

The former care homes-turned-construction-and-IT-entrepeneur is worth an estimated £500m - that’s £100m more than last year.

The 46-year-old made his fortune after inheriting the management of a care home from his parents in 1988, developing the brand and selling it for £175m in 2007.

Also on the top 10 in Yorkshire list is Terry Bramall and family, who live in Harrogate. The former chairman of the Doncaster-based Keepmoat construction ranked 189th, dropping from 151st last year.

His worth is estimated to be £425m, down £25m from last year.

Internet entrepeneur Peter Wilkinson meanwhile, who is also from Harrogate, has maintained his fortune at a steady £302m, ranking 255th nationally.

Familiar names in Harrogate, Jonathan and Lesley Wild, owners of the Bettys and Taylors empire, are up £33m year on year ranking 681st with a worth of £105m.

The family only entered the list in 1998 with a modest £50m.

Another Harrogate name on the rich list is Sir Robert Ogden, whose wealth comes from property.

Despite a tough market, he has kept his worth at a steady £150m, ranking equal 457th in the UK.

Sharing this spot is Paul Caddick and family, who are based in Wetherby and who also rank 457th with an estimated £150m.

Also in Wetherby is Jimi Heselden’s widow, Julie, who since his death last year has been the wealthiest woman in Yorkshire.

Mr Heselden, a former coal miner who made his fortune in military equipment, died last year after falling from cliffs while driving one of his firm’s motorised Segway scooters. Despite giving millions to charity, he left his wife and family with an estimated £290m, up £124m on the year before.