The end is nigh...

Could it be the end of the world as we know it?
Could it be the end of the world as we know it?

The world as we know is to end today, according to reports.

For today’s date, December 21, marks the very end of the ancient Mayan calendar, based on the sun and the stars and the moon.

All but a lucky few people, within reach of a small mountain in southern France, are said to be wiped out at 11.11am (or 1pm, depending on who you believe).

“Mother Shipton said the world will end when the great bridge thrice falls,” said Karen Murphy on Twitter.

“What’s the river like in Knaresborough tonight?”

Personally, we at the Advertiser are a tad sceptical. But if it were true, and today is your last, what will you be doing?

”Reading the Harrogate Advertiser of course,” said Brighouse 247 on Twitter. “What better way to go...”

Kevin Bolt ‏said: “I’ll be in a meeting in Wakefield before we go for our team Xmas lunch. Do you think we should cancel our booking?”

Emily Yates will be drinking tea at the Cedar Court, while Sam Smith, in readiness for Christmas, said: “I’ll probably be stuck at the checkout in Morrisons!”

Around the world, hundreds if not thousands of people are preparing for the end, gathering at mystical sites in Turkey, Mexico, and Serbia.

But it is only those at the site of a mountain in the French village Bugarachin who are set to be saved. Aliens within the mountain, with a secret supply of UFOs, are to rescue those within reach.

But the number of believers gathered there though, is said to be smaller than the number of journalists.

If the reports are true, according to the national media, the future world is to be populated by 150 policeman, some on horseback, 250 frustrated journalists and 198 bewildered villagers.

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