‘Spoilsport’ council in bunting safety spat

The bunting in Masham. (S)
The bunting in Masham. (S)

Stunned townsfolk have been forced to take down hundreds of yards of Tour de France bunting after they were branded a ‘health and safety risk’.

Residents in Masham had strung up 20,000 hand-knitted miniature jerseys between lamp posts to welcome the Grand Depart.

But the bunting was removed on Wednesday after objections from the county council, who said the posts could bend if the bunting got wet and heavy.

Residents have now been forced to take down the hand-crafted decorations and re-string them in safer places.

Tessa Klemz, manager at Masham community office, said: “We are all trying to make it a great event.

“There were 20,000 of these jumpers around the district and it seemed such a shame to see them taken down and forgotten about so we thought we ought to get them back up again quick.”

Social media user Viv Taylor later took to Twitter following the bunting recall, labelling the council as “spoilsports” in a stunt that was “health and safety gone mad”.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire County Council said: “We noticed that the lighting columns were leaning and in the interest of safety we asked for it to be taken down and not to be hung from lighting columns. We are happy for bunting to be put up elsewhere in the town.”

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