On the pull this weekend in Harrogate?

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

If you are planning on going out on the pull this weekend in Harrogate the odds may be in your favour.

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics reveal that 63 per cent of people living in Harrogate town centre are single, twelve per cent more than the national average, with an almost 50/50 male/female split.

Moving out of town slightly to High Harrogate you will still have a high chance of meeting a fellow singleton as 61 per cent of the population is unmarried.

However if you are heading out in Knaresborough this weekend the chance of you meeting your soulmate is slightly less as 56 per cent of Knaresborough residents are married compared to the national average of 49 per cent.

In Ripon the chance of meeting a single person is 50/50 whereas the percentage of married couples living in Pannal is higher than anywhere else in Harrogate at 65 per cent.

For the first time ever the majority of Brits are single or unmarried.

The Office for National Statistics said the changes were the result of declining numbers of people making it up the aisle since the 1970s and changing social attitudes towards people who co-habit or live alone.