Knarsborough woman guided by Princess Diana to £25k bet on royal baby

Carolina Bruce
Carolina Bruce

A Knaresborough woman who claims she speaks daily to the spirit of Princess Diana is betting on the birth of the royal baby - including its sex, weight and even hair colour.

Carolina Bruce, 56, says thanks to her chats she is so confident about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s forthcoming child she has put £50 on an 500-1 accumulator.

Carolina claims the baby will be a girl, have dark hair and blue eyes, weigh eight pounds or less, be born in London between midnight and noon on July 1 and have both Victoria and Diana included in her name.

If her eight predictions are correct she stands to win £25,000 which she promises to donate to one of the children’s charities which Diana was involved with.

Mother-of-two Carolina claims she started communicating with Diana’s spirit a year after her death in 1997.

She says she has regular visits from her wanting the word to get out that she is available to those in need of her prayers.

She said: “While I was meditating sometime in January, I had a conversation with Diana about the royal baby.

“During that time there was a lot of speculation about the baby’s gender.

“I knew more than the gender so I decided to take my husband’s advice and make the bet more credible by listing several features the baby will be born with.

“I know the world will think I’m crazy but I’m 100 per cent sure I’m right and I’ll win the bet.”

She added: “I’m not doing this for the money. I talk to Diana every single day and we are great friends.

“She is an Archangel and I want people to know that they can communicate with her too. I want to make people aware that she’s there.

“Anyone can talk to her. It’s just like tuning into a radio station and this bet will hopefully encourage other people to do it too.

Carolina approached Ladbrokes two weeks ago asking to place the bet and was offered odds of 500-1.

She said: “I haven’t placed this bet for status or money. I’m doing it because I want to help others and that’s why I will donate the money.

“They seemed quite shocked at Ladbrokes when I asked to place the bet but it only took them 20 minutes to agree to it.”

She predicts that the baby will be born on July 1, the same birth date as the late Princess of Wales.

Carolina moved from her dream cottage in Knaresborough six years ago to her home in a cemetery - claiming Diana told her to.

Carolina said: “She said ‘sell your property, there’s going to be another house for you’.

“My husband and I sold our house without even looking for a replacement and we wondered what we were going to do.

“But a while later I was in a cemetery in Knaresborough when I saw a brilliant light filling the living room in the cemetery lodge.

“I saw Princess Diana’s face filling this living room. Since we moved in, the house has so much energy and I’m able to communicate more with her.”

Jessica Bridge from Ladbrokes, said: “We’ve never known such a confident royal baby bet, even at those odds.”