Could Snowy now be world’s oldest cat?

NARG 1406098AM1 Snowy the Cat. Snowy the Cat with owners Chris and Claire Wills. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1406098AM1)
NARG 1406098AM1 Snowy the Cat. Snowy the Cat with owners Chris and Claire Wills. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1406098AM1)

Could Snowy be the world’s oldest cat? At 27-years-old, or 156 in cat years, he’s certainly a contender.

And he’s to go for tests on Thursday to prove his place in the record books.

“We never imagined he would live this long,” said owner Claire Wills, who contacted the Advertiser after reading a story in last week’s edition about a 25-year-old cat from Wetherby. “We certainly didn’t think, at 27, he might be the oldest in the world!”

The Guinness Book of World Records officially declares 24-year-old Poppy, of Bournemouth, the longest living cat.

Last week, the Advertiser told the story of 25-year-old cat Jess, from Wetherby.

But Mrs Wills, after reading this story, says Snowy may be even older and she is to take him for tests this week to find out if it could be true.

“They test by looking at his teeth, and that should tell, roughly, how old he is,” she said. “The difficult bit will be photographs - they want pictures from the different decades of his life, with a person in, to prove that he’s aged.”

Mrs Wills, from Boroughbridge, was given Snowy by her sister Amanda, who picked him up while working at a rescue centre in Thirsk. The 33-year-old has looked after him ever since, nicknaming him ‘Baggy Trousers’, because he used to be so fat.

Mrs Wills, who also has two Jack Russells Rosie, six, and Otis, two, puts Snowy’s long down to simple cat food, twice a day, and no treats.

“He used to be quite active, but not anymore,” she said. “He doesn’t really go outside at all. Now, he just sleeps.

“Sometimes he has a stretch in the garden, but only for a few seconds. Then he comes back in and sleeps some more. He was really playful, but he’s never liked other cats. He was always getting into cat fights, and has the scars and a bent ear to prove it.”

As well as his bent ear, Snowy is now deaf, arthritic, and has kidney failure. But, says his owner, he’s certainly lived well - and made the most of his nine lives.

He was once even trapped in a house fire, miraculously escaping with the help of a firefighter who fought back the flames to carry him to safety. “Me and my husband Chris were trapped upstairs,” said Mrs Wills. “We had to go through the fire to get outside, but we couldn’t get Snowy. The fireman that rescued him said he was curled up, he couldn’t even try and get away.”

After several weeks of veterinary care, Snowy recovered.

“We called him Sooty for a bit after that, he was absolutely pitch black when he came out!” said Mrs Wills.

She will hear in six week’s time if he is to get a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.