Cat undergoes 100 mile journey from Wales to Harrogate under van bonnet.

When Nicole Outhwaite took on the role of Harrogate branch manager of the RSPCA last month there was a few friendly furry faces waiting to greet her, including one particular cat who had travelled over 100 miles from Wales.

The aptly named Rider had hitched a lift all the way from Wales under the bonnet of a van.

NADV 1305143AM1 RSPCA Harrogate branch manager Nicola Outhwaite with Astra. (1305143AM1)

NADV 1305143AM1 RSPCA Harrogate branch manager Nicola Outhwaite with Astra. (1305143AM1)

Nicola said: “A man rang the RSPCA to inform them he had driven up from Wales and when he had stopped in Harrogate he had heard something meowing and found that there was a cat under the bonnet of the van.

“We took him to the vet to get checked out and he is okay, all he needs now is a home.”

Rider was named by the RSPCA’s designated vet at Vets4Pets who checked him over after his 100 plus mile journey.

Rider is currently living at Harlow Carr Kennels and Cattery along with other rescue cats; Bubbles and Buttercup, Mariette and fellow engine dweller Astra, who was found curled up under the engine of Vauxhall Astra in Harrogate.

All of the cats that have been rescued by the RSPCA and are awaiting rehoming.

“I would recommend getting a pet from us or another rescue centre.

“All of the cats are vet checked, neutered and microchipped so you know you are getting a healthy cat that really needs a home.”

Although Nicola has been in the job for less than a month she is expecting things to get busy in the coming weeks.

“It is kitten season so we are expecting to get a lot busier,”she said after welcomed her first litter of kittens to the cattery last week.

“When Holly and her kittens were found their eyes weren’t even open. The inspector took them to his house for a few days until they were bigger then brought them here.

“They are still only two weeks old but mum and babies are healthy and doing well.”

Sisters Bubbles and Buttercup have been at the cattery since February.

“I would like to rehome them together because they are best friends.

“All the cats here are so lovely and affectionate, I hope we can find homes for them.”

If you are interested in rehoming a cat or becoming an RSPCA member contact Nicola on 07817344139 or or search for Harrogate and District RSPCA on Facebook.

To report abuse or neglect to the RSPCA in an emergency call 0300 1234 999.

For a video of Nicola and the RSPCA rescue cat’s including Holly and her kittens visit