‘Brawl’ at footballer’s stately home wedding

17th December 2010'Forgotten Folly.'Pictured a view of  Allerton Castle from the folly'PICTURE BY GERARD BINKS
17th December 2010'Forgotten Folly.'Pictured a view of Allerton Castle from the folly'PICTURE BY GERARD BINKS

Police were called to the wedding of a Premier League footballer near Harrogate last weekend after reports of a brawl in a marquee.

Newcastle United player Danny Guthrie, 25, and Rebecca Middleman, 23, held their wedding reception at Allerton Castle, outside Knaresborough, on Friday, June 1.

But the party took a turn for the worse in the early hours of the Saturday, when staff were forced to call police twice after violence was reported to have broken out in a marquee by the lake at the stately home.

After officers dealt with the first reports of trouble, staff at the castle had to call police again after 4am when guests were reported to be trying to gain entry by kicking a locked door.

And a further call was made the following day when a guest reported a further disturbance had taken place on a bus which left the venue in the early hours.

One source said things had looked like getting out of hand during the wedding feast, prepared by Michelin-starred caterers Dine, held in the marquee at a reputed cost of £40,000.

“They were chucking the lobster thermadore about. How can you comprehend such behaviour?” the source said.

John and Jan Cook, managers at Allerton Castle, which is run by the Rolphe Foundation, a charitable trust, confirmed the police were called to two disturbances but said they could not comment further. But a source close to the venue said everyone had been left “shocked and disgusted”.

”Thankfully, they were well away from the Castle itself,” they added. “The Foundation has spent untold thousands in renovation, the damage could have been enormous.

“Mr and Mrs Cook, who live on site, were called by marquee staff at 2am to say there was trouble, and the police had been called, and not to expect anyone staying for the night. Mr Cook gave it until 3.30am then locked the doors. At 4am they were awoken by the sound of someone breaking in. The police were called again, by the Cooks.”

The source added there had so far been no apology for what had happened.

North Yorkshire Police said that in all they had been called three times to incidents connected with the wedding – twice on the morning of June 2 and on June 3 following an incident on a coach taking guests home.

A spokeswoman said: “North Yorkshire Police were called at 2.25am on the morning of June 2 to reports of a fight among a group of guests at Allerton Castle, Allerton Park near Knaresborough. On arrival, the guests were dispersing and leaving the venue and no complaints were received from any victims. No arrests were made.

“Police received a further call at 4.50am when a group of people began banging on doors and causing a disturbance. On arrival, police found a number of guests had been locked out and were trying to get back in. No crimes were reported and no arrests were made.

“Police received another call on June 3 from a woman who reported being caught up in a disturbance on a bus which was about to leave the same venue in the early hours of June 2. This incident is currently under investigation.”

Guthrie, who was released by Newcastle United at the end of the season, has taken to Twitter in an apparent attempt to play down the events and said: “its (sic) been made to look a whole lot worse. gossip gossip gossip”.

Families of both the bride and bridegroom have denied reports of brawling but online forums yesterday were busy with reports from people claiming to have been present when the violence broke out.

The new Mrs Guthrie declined to comment, while in Telford, the footballer’s mother Jackie Guthrie said: “I’m shocked. I don’t know what you’re talking about. There was no punch up. There was no fight. What do you mean someone mouthed off? No way. It was a clean cut wedding and nothing happened.”