Birthday boy Max’s lucky date - 12-12-12

tis  Max Davison who will be 12 years old on 12th December 2012.  (121210M4a)
tis Max Davison who will be 12 years old on 12th December 2012. (121210M4a)

There are more than a dozen reasons for young Max Davison to celebrate this week, as he turns 12 on Wednesday - the 12-12-12.

The youngster, a keen football fan who plays for Pannal Ash Juniors (wearing a number 12 shirt of course) will be on his way to the pantomime in Leeds at 12pm on Wednesday.

It’s Cinderella he’s off to see with his classmates from St Aidan’s school, but it’s a rock and roll version.

On his birthday night he might be going out for dinner with his family to his favourite restaurant for his favourite food - burgers.

And at his paintballing birthday party on Saturday, he will have 12 friends from football and school delivering 12 presents.

Together they will be eating 12 doughnuts - and maybe (although it’s a secret) a number 12 birthday cake.

“I like it, it’s my lucky number,” said Max, who is 12th in the school register at St Aidan’s and has a number 12 on his leaver’s jumper from St Peter’s Primary School.

Max, a Liverpool FC and Hibernian fan and a keen gamer, has been looking forward to opening his presents as he knows he is getting a joint Christmas and birthday gift of a Playstation and games, as well as a Blackberry.

And there are further treats in store for him this coming weekend.

On Friday night Max is back in Leeds for another trip to the theatre, this time with his mum Caroline and dad Iain Davison, and to top it off, his godfather is coming to visit him this weekend.

Max, of Hookstone Drive, also has two brothers, Rory, 10, and Adam, eight, both of whom have quite unremarkable birthdays.

“I only realised about the number 12 thing a couple of months ago,” he said.

“I didn’t know about it before, but now I think it’s cool.”

This is the last time for nearly 100 years that such a birthday can be celebrated - as there are only 12 months in a year and 13/13/13 doesn’t exist.

The next possibility for such a synchronized birthday will be in the year 2101.