Oatlands launches special fundraising drive to thank the transplant charity that helped one of their own

Oatlands Community Group has come up with a special fundraising idea to show some love for a charity this Valentine's Day.

Friday, 27th January 2017, 12:17 pm
Updated Friday, 27th January 2017, 12:26 pm
Oatlands Community Group members Ella Smith-Dunn(19) and sister Scarlett(11) with John Carter Stott (87). (1610314AM1)

To raise money for the Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association, the group is selling heart-shaped pin badges to be worn close to the heart, to remind someone that they are loved.

Oatlands has chosen the association after it supported local resident Ellie Holman through her heart transplant.

Ellie said: "The Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association is a wonderful charity which helps families going through one of the hardest times of their lives. As well as supporting pre and post-transplant, the charity helps others with complex heart and lung conditions.

"Not only does it support a family by funding hospital flats while a person waits for transplant, they also fund another house for families of children who are undergoing complex surgery.

"A child’s family is allowed to stay here while undergoing the operation to keep a family unit together.

"The money that is raised for the charity helps with equipment costs which helps people with heart and lung issues, travel expenses, hospital costs and support for families.

"They also offer on-going support to organ donation by being a part of the transplant games, this spreads the word and makes pre and post-transplant patients feel part of a community.

"The reason this charity is very close to me is because I underwent a heart transplant in January 2016. This charity allowed my mum to stay in the hospital flats before and after transplant.

"Whenever things were getting tough for me or my family, they were always there every time we needed them and still are."

A message can be sent with the heart badges, or they can be distributed anonymously. All orders placed before February 4 will cost £2.50 per badge, and all orders placed on and after February 5 will cost £3.

To maximise profits for the charity, local orders will be delivered by hand on February 13 where possible.

To ‘Send Your Heart’ this Valentine’s Day, and raise money for a good cause, visit the group’s website: www.oatlandscommunity.co.uk/send-your-heart