New mast plan is 1m shorter

tis   The phone mast site on Cold Bath Road.  110402M4.
tis The phone mast site on Cold Bath Road. 110402M4.

FRUSTRATED residents on Cold Bath Road in Harrogate are getting set to fight a battle they thought they had already won over plans for a mobile phone mast in the area.

The planning application, which almost exactly mirrors one rejected by Harrogate Borough Council in March last year, differs in just one small aspect – the new post is a metre shorter, at 13.8m instead of 14.8m.

Shirley Fatkin, a resident who was involved in successfully campaigning against the previous application, told the Advertiser of her frustration at the resubmitted plans and pleaded with other residents not to let it happen.

“I urge those of your readers who live in the Cold Bath Road area, and others who are concerned about the impact of these structures on the appearance of this pleasant town in which we live, to register their objections,” she said.

The previous application, which sought permission to erect a monopole and associated equipment cabinet on the grass verge at the edge of the pavement in front of 52 Cold Bath Road, was refused after a large number of objections from local residents.

According to documentation from the council’s planning office, the original plans were rejected on the grounds that “the proposed telecommunication installation by reason of its sitting and design will threaten the continued visual contribution of the adjacent lime tree, unreasonably detract from the visual amenity of this part of the Harrogate Conservation Area and overbear adjacent residential properties such as to reduce the level of residential amenity that any occupier would reasonably expect to enjoy”.

A spokesman for applicant Cornerstone, working on behalf of Vodafone, said: “Our customers expect to be able to use their mobiles and devices where they live, work and travel.”

She said the company had identified a need to improve coverage in Harrogate and picked a base station on Cold Bath Road over 12 other sites on the grounds that it caused the least visual intrusion while meeting the coverage improvement necessary.

She said: “We recognise that some communities are concerned regarding the deployment of radio base stations close to residential areas but, without radio base stations, mobile phones will not be able to work.”