New headteacher's vision for Harrogate's New Park Primary School

New Park Primary School headteacher Robert Mold with pupils.
New Park Primary School headteacher Robert Mold with pupils.

The new headteacher of New Park Primary School has big plans to encourage pupils to play an active part in the community.

Robert Mold moved to Harrogate from Leicester, where he was also the head of a primary school. Just weeks into the new post, he is excited about the potential of the school and exploring how it can be developed.

Mr Mold said: “I am delighted to have taken up this role and joined the school at such an exciting time in its development.

“What excites me is the potential of the place - we have got huge classroom spaces, old Victorian classrooms, and big open spaces.

“It’s the potential of what it could be. We have got issues to address with the building in terms of upgrading it, but we have a whole programme of work to renovate early years and the nursery.

“I’m passionate about primary school children getting the best possible start to their education, and realising their future potential as well.

“I want children to learn from people from all walks of life, all jobs and all careers.”

As well as ensuring that pupils get “a diet of high quality teaching and learning”, Mr Mold said he is keen to introduce a project which adds to the traditional curriculum and aims to provide a well-rounded education.

He said: “I don’t want to say too much yet, but it will be really quite different to the norm, and will push the boat out in terms of showing what primary school education can be.

“I also want our children to learn about the local area and the community that they are a part of.

“There is no reason why they can’t work with local businesses and community groups in the district.

“Harrogate is a fantastic place to live and work in. I am quite a keen cyclist, and you don’t get hills like this in Leicester.”

Further down the line, the school is also exploring the idea of pupils helping to do walking tours of the area for parents and community groups that the school has built strong relationships with.

Keen to reach out to the community right from the start, Mr Mold has opened up the weekly celebration assemblies to families so that they can share in their child’s proud moment.

The launch of family breakfasts has also been a part of his vision for the school being at the heart of the town.

Sharing the latest news with parents, Mr Mold said: “This term and this year will bring many changes to New Park, some will be immediately and visually obvious, others will focus on classroom practise as we look to continually improve the quality of education for your children.”