New group launching in Ripon - Here's what we know so far

Lindy Webb is passionate about establishing the group in Ripon.
Lindy Webb is passionate about establishing the group in Ripon.

A Ripon woman who is passionate about making a difference in her community, is establishing a new group to provide a support network for widows and widowers in our city.

Lindy Webb, who volunteers for the Ripon Museum Trust, and is a director for Ripon Together, was inspired to take action when she came across the great work of a similar group in Harrogate. She is determined to address issues such as social isolation head-on, and reassure residents that they are not alone in what they are going through.

Lindy said: "Becoming a widow or widower can cause social isolation - when past interests have usually been shared ones, it's quite hard to pick up the threads when you are on your own.

"But being part of a group of people in the same situation can give you more confidence, and the knowledge that others share your experiences can be very helpful.

"I hope that the group will make people feel more hopeful about exciting new possibilities for the future."

Lindy is keen for the group to have a strong community feel to it, and would love it to have a sense of being run for, and by, its members. She would like to consult with any interested residents about what the group should offer - the types of social outings, activities and events that would be of interest.

Once Lindy has heard from residents, she will be looking to organise the first meeting at a convenient Ripon venue.

Email if you are interested in finding out more about the group.