New: Council to fix some Harrogate potholes after readers' complaints

One of the potholes on Otley Road in Harrogate, though this is only one of many. (Picture by Joe Turner, Harrogate)
One of the potholes on Otley Road in Harrogate, though this is only one of many. (Picture by Joe Turner, Harrogate)

North Yorkshire County Council says it has inspected pothole-effected roads in Harrogate after complaints by Harrogate Advertiser readers - and some of them will be fixed.

Coun Don Mackenzie, executive member for Highways at North Yorkshire County Council, said that reader Mr Runcorn was correct - NYCC had received sone additional funding specifically for pothole repairs, totalling approximately £2.4m.

But he added this 'pot of money' would not meet all the demands in such a large county as North Yorkshire and inspections showed the roads mentioned did no meet the criteria yet in terms of scale of damage.

Coun Mackenzie said: "Whilst that funding is very welcome, it is being spent over the whole highways network in North Yorkshire.

"We are the largest county in the country and have 6000 miles of roads to maintain, some of which are in extremely remote and challenging locations.

"In addition to the contribution from the National Pothole Fund, NYCC is also investing a further £40m over the next four years on road repairs, over and above its annual maintenance budget for highways, bridges, traffic lights, street lighting, gulllies, signage and all other assets which need to be kept in a state of good repair.

"Following publication of your article, I contacted Highways officers who carried out an immediate inspection of Otley Road near to Harlow Hill.

"They have confirmed that some of the damaged areas meet intervention levels and they will be patched.

"Beckwith Road was also re-inspected and whilst it is damaged and aesthetically unattractive, the potholes are not yet at intervention level.

"Complete resurfacing (that is removing the existing surface to a given depth, then building back up again) of a road is a very expensive piece of work.

"As an example, Hookstone Chase, which was in a poor condition, underwent resurfacing in 2015 at a cost of more than £600,000.

"It is a very expensive business. Recent estimates suggest that it would cost £300m to bring all of the county's roads up to a good state of repair.

"In any event, to carry out extensive resurfacing work on Otley Road, when construction of hundreds of new houses in that area will be starting soon, would be poor use of taxpayers' money.

"NYCC's officers and I, as Executive Member, are very aware of the need to provide the residents of Harrogate with effective and safe highways, and this is a top priority, within the limits of tight budgets."