Mum's ill health kick starts venture

A Wetherby businesswoman is on a mission to spread the word that sweet treats can be good.

Wednesday, 6th June 2018, 10:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th June 2018, 10:52 am

Ruth Goodwin worked as a personal trainer until being struck down with Adrenal Fatigue but this lead to her Be Balanced business being launched.

“As a busy, personal trainer I had a great life, working with clients five days a week during the day, and three small children to rush home to,” said Ruth.

“I had it all; a great figure, a high fitness level and a busy thriving, successful business doing what I absolutely loved.

“So, the more tired I got, the more I ignored it and self medicated mainly with chocolate and other instant, quick fix sweet food, and drinks.”

Symptoms increased - moodiness, sleep patterns change, lacking in strength, weight gain - until the day when it struck.

“My body gave me no choice but to listen and take notice,” added Ruth.

Ruth added: “I woke up one morning and literally felt floored. There was no way I could get out of bed.”

Eventually Ruth was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue - where adrenal glands, hpothalamus and pituitary glands are functioning below their optimal level - by Emma Lane, who had taught her Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

“Emma gave me a very strict protocol to follow and one sentence sticks in my mind, because it literally sent a wave of panic through me “You must take sugar, and other processed foods, and alcohol out of your diet in order to heal”.

“I was brought up with a mum, a gran and an auntie who made the best puddings, desserts, cakes, chocolates. I still love chocolate. I loved prosecco and champagne.”

Ruth started experimenting in the kitchen, replacing sweet processed foods with whole natural foods.

“I ate all the good food, I started meditating (I hated it at first), I did yoga religiously every morning, I took gentle walks in nature, and I built up a great sleep regime, something I had never ever done before,” added Ruth.

“With time, not only did I feel so much better; more energy and my lust for life returned, but I found friends became interested in what I was doing. They asked me to share my new healthy recipes so I began slowly and it was very hit and miss!

“I’d deliver little take away tubs of my sweet treats and ask for regular feedback. This became fun and I was more and more motivated to come up with delicious food made from whole foods only. And here’s where Be Balanced began.”

Ruth is now supplying Tasting Club boxes each month and something that started locally has now grown into a national subscription box business.

“I’m on a mission to spread the word that sweet treats can be good for you, and grow it into something huge.

“My sweet treats are all dairy free, refined sugar free, gluten, wheat free and soy free so they’re largely suitable for anyone and everyone.”